How to enable Typescript for Asp.Net Core projects - Part 1

A series of tutorials on how to use Typescript in Asp.Net Core projects. In first tutorial, you can learn how to enable support for Typescript in the project.

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How to specify link parameters in Anchor Tags

Anchor tag helper in Asp.Net core allows you to specify parameter values in the tag that builds complete URL for the action. For most of the cases, specifying asp-controller and asp-action attributes ...

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How to implement well-known OpenId discovery end point

In my previous post Unable to obtain configuration from: PII is hidden, I talked about error saying that OpenId Connect discovery information is missing. When you use some well established identity pr...

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Unable to obtain configuration from: PII is hidden

While developing my custom Jwt Token based authentication system, I was performing a smoke test to check if authorized API calls are being correctly authenticated and authorized or not. I used Postman...

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How to write a simple automation test for Asp.Net application using Selenium

In the past I have been using Visual Studio coded tests as well as recorded tests for test automation. When I installed VS2019 and looked at documentation of Coded UI tests, I found following announce...

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