Install iOS15 on your iPhone

Apple announced release of iOS15 at WWDC21. iOS15 is introducing lot of new features that I am very excited about. Lot of features are what I always looked forward to. I will talk about these feature...

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Where is hosts file in Linux

When one starts new in Linux, there are a lot of questions one have in mind. A lot of time when you are debugging a web application that requires the URL must be a valid domain Url and not localhost, ...

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How to fix Signed Image hash is not allowed error

When you are creating a Linux based VM on Hyper-V or other virtualization platform, you are very likely to run into following error when you start the VM after initial creation. The signed image's h...

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How to use Google Maps in Flutter

Now a days it is hard to imagine any web application or mobile application that does not use location services to provide its users the content, advertising, shopping suggestions etc. based on their c...

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How to fix Waiting for observatory port to be available issue

In an earlier post I talked about an issue that I ran into when I change package name in Manifest.xml file of my Flutter application in VS Code. At that time the issue was related to error saying Fail...

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