Resolve type or namespace name IWebHostEnvironment could not be found

In one of earlier posts Abstracting .Net Core Startup Code, I wrote about how to abstract .Net Core Web Application's start up code into a separate library. I got some questions from some fellow devel...

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Abstracting .Net Core Startup Code

When you create a new .Net Core Web app, template project creates Startup.cs file. This file contains the start up code required to complete following steps. public Startup(IConfiguration configurat...

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Use OpenDNS to set up safe internet access at home

When you are setting up internet access at home, you are always concerned about your kid's internet surfing. Kids will be kids and they are curious. If they see something that catches their attention,...

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How to measure Web Page performance with CPU throttling

As more and more web applications are utilizing libraries like Angular, React etc., web page rendering workload has been offloaded from server to client devices. If user is using a device or machine w...

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Why I am not upgrading to iPhone 12 for now

Before I say anything about topic of this post, I want to make it clear that I am not an Apple hater or iPhone hater. I have owned pretty much all models of iPhone. And currently I use iPhone 11 Pro M...

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