How to install Python on Windows 10 machine

Lot of time when we want to install some new development tools, language etc. on machine, we start by going to that tool's website. Then searching for download page and figuring out the latest available build. Then we start the download and after that install. I was working on creating a new container image for a Python application. I realized that I had just formatted the machine and did not have Python installed on it. My first reaction was to type Python on command line. I was under the impression that Visual Studio installation had installed Python my machine. Instead of showing me Python command line, Microsoft Store application opened and telling me to get and install Python. Well, I discovered new way of installing Python. Best part was that the installation automatically figured out the latest build. Only down side of this approach was that I did not have control on some advanced installation options. If you are not concerned about that part, then this is easy way to install Python on your machine.

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