Blue Yeti USB Mic Product Review

Recently I needed to created some audio-video tutorials for a team. I tried using my laptop's built-in microphone for it. A lot of people complained about audio quality of the videos I created. I was looking for a good external microphone that I could use with my Macbook Pro. I found Blue Yeti USB Mic on Bestbuy's website. It was reasonable priced. I purchased it.

I am very pleased with this microphone.

  • It is not cheap but it is also not very expensive. If you are looking for something to create vlog and tutorials, then it is worth the price.
  • I was able to integrate it with my Macbook Pro out of the box. I did not have to do anything special. I connected it to my USB hub and it was all set in matter of seconds.
  • Audio quality is excellent. It is very sensitive to very faint sounds as well. Now when I use it during conference calls, i have to make sure that I am not typing or making any clicking sounds. If I am not mute, people hear it very clearly.

Overall its a good external microphone to have if you are looking for good audio quality.

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