Product review for Arlo Pro 2 security cameras

Last month I had considerable amount of construction done on my home. During the construction, contractor left a small portion of roof open to finish next day. Well that time window was enough for some nigh creatures to come into our attic. After constructor closed the opening, the same night we heard some thing in attic trying to chew through the wall. When I went up to attic I saw two tiny creatures moving around. They looked like squirrels. We did some research and found that since they were active at night, meaning they were our friendly nocturnal flying squirrels. On further research, we found that these creatures usually move as a colony of anywhere up to 30. Now the challenge was to find how many we may have got in the attic. Since they move at night only, I needed some eyes in to the attic at night time. I needed some monitoring system with very good night vision capability.

I went to store to find out what my options are. Since I do not have any power outlet in attic, i needed something that can work off of battery. Then I found Arlo 2 Pro Security Camera system. It has all the I needed.

  • Cameras are battery operated
  • Battery has a very decent life time. It has operational for over a month and cameras are still above 50% life
  • It has strong night vision capability
  • It has a very sensitive motion detection capability. It was able to sense motion of squirrels in the middle of night
  • It has option of notifying you via email when motion is detected. It records a small 10-12s video when motion is detected. It stores that video and sends you notification to view it immediately.
  • It has two way communication system. That allows you to talk to intruder. Audio capability allows you to listen to what is being talked about around the cameras
  • Arlo provides you free storage of videos for 7 days
  • It is very easy to install and configure with your home wireless network
  • Arlo's mobile application allows you to monitor your device from any location. You can even look at live feed of your cameras on your mobile application.

Overall, it is a very powerful security camera system with lot of utilities. I will strongly recommend buying it if you are in market looking for a security camera system.

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