Shutterstock - Think before you sign up

A month ago, I was looking for some pictures to use for my websites. I found some pictures on Shutterstock that I liked. Being a law abiding citizen, I decided not to just use the pictures. I decided ...

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External Webcam For Windows and MacBook - Nexigo Product Review

As lot of people are setting up their Work From Home and School From Home, it is important that you have all the appropriate tools in place. One of the tools is webcam. Most of the laptops are equippe...

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Blue Yeti USB Mic Product Review

Recently I needed to created some audio-video tutorials for a team. I tried using my laptop's built-in microphone for it. A lot of people complained about audio quality of the videos I created. I was ...

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Product review for Arlo Pro 2 security cameras

Last month I had considerable amount of construction done on my home. During the construction, contractor left a small portion of roof open to finish next day. Well that time window was enough for som...

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Product review for Google Wifi home networking product

I live in a three story house. Sometime back I started having problem with speed of WiFi connection in upper stories of the house. I found lot of suggestions about putting a secondary Wifi router on u...

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