Why I am not upgrading to iPhone 12 for now

Before I say anything about topic of this post, I want to make it clear that I am not an Apple hater or iPhone hater. I have owned pretty much all models of iPhone. And currently I use iPhone 11 Pro Max. It is not that I have not tried other phones. I have tried few models of Samsung. At the end I kept coming back to iPhone.

Apple announced iPhone 12 on October 16. Thanks to iPhone information leakers, there were no surprises. I was looking for a reason to upgrade my current iPhone 11 Pro Max to iPhone 12 Pro Max. Yes, I like bigger size. Let's look at my personal reasons for not upgrading to iPhone 12 for now. Again, these are my personal reasons.


It's great that iPhone is going to support 5G across the board on all iPhone12 models. It is only helpful if you live in a place where 5G network is consistently available. What good is phone hardware going to do if network provider can't provide me 5G network. I live in suburb where 5G is not available as much as I would like. I am not looking to download movies while I am on the road. I am also not into games that will require high network speed. Occasionally I watch some Youtube video and current network speed is sufficient for that purpose. But if you are into gamin and do need low latency to enjoy the game, then go for it if you have access to 5G network.

A14 Bionic Chip

I love fast computers and devices. But my love for fast processing is for desktop and laptop machines. Its great that mobile device vendors talk about fast processing, video editing etc. If I am a serious 3D graphics artist and doing some large scale projects, then I can't spend time on small device and editing my videos or pictures. I am always going to go to my high end CUDA graphics card loaded machines like MacBook or whatever is your choice. For hobbyists, processing power provided by iPhone 12 will be great. For a quick editing of videos and then sharing on social media it will be a good addition to your tools. But its not for me. The kind of editing I do, its not going to happen on the phone. Again its my personal preference.

Colors and Design

This factor has always been a non-starter for me. I keep my phone wrapped in a black leather flip case. Other than the screen, nothing is visible. It is not going to matter to me if my phone is red or pink. It is not going to matter if the outer casing is going to give me a flat feeling or rounded feeling. I always go for what is going to be shipped next day and not have to wait for weeks and months. The leather casing is going to take the beating if my phone falls out of my hand. Again, this is my personal preference. If you care for colors and feel, then iPhone 12 does provide the options.


This is the only factor that could entice me into changing my mind. But I am happy with what iPhone11 offers me at the moment. It does a great job.

My overall view of iPhone 12 series is that it is a great phone. But not for me at the moment. I am going to wait or until some client forces me to test my applications on iPhone12.




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