Best place for farming Obsidium Ore

While leveling engineering often I had to get stacks of Obsidium Ore. Only thing I really needed at that point of Obsidium Ore only. So I was looking for place where I could get it quick and without having to fight for nodes with other players. Here is one place where lot of players forget. Goto Kelp Forest in Vashj'ir. Yes, one of the two starting places for Cataclysm. Because of underwater terrain and little difficulty in navigation lot of payers do not want to spend lot of time there. So the place i s literally empty most of the time. And since it is starting area, the re-spawn of nodes is little faster as well. I have come up with 2-3 stacks of ore in about 20 minutes lot of time. Oh no, I told my secret. Now where I am going to go to farm ore. Happy farming.

Kelp Forest in Vashj'ir




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