Chilling Effects Clearinghouse helps protect Intellectual Property and fight copyright infringements

Everyday I find a lot of people scrapping content from our web sites and publishing it without asking for permission. 90% of the times they will publish the content for monetary gains like adsense from various providers like Google, Yahoo etc. These are what we call IP thieves. They are making money using your content. A lot of content creators do not mind somebody publishing their content if other person will ask for permission and acknowledge the original content creator in some way on their site as well.

I have to run a BOT to find sites who are stealing our content. And then we send them legal notices to remove the content from their site. If you find yourself in similar situation, I would recommend that you go to Chilling Effects Clearinghouse and report such violations. And that provides a lot of good information about Intellectual Property, DMCA and Copyright laws as well. It is definitely worth spending some time there.




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