MVC Security - Custom Implementation Of AuthorizeAttribute

In this post I will discuss some security related topics for ASP.Net MVC application. Authentication and Authorization are two basic pillars of a secure application. I will discuss how to hand...

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How to use RadioButtonFor with enumeration data type in MVC

This is a quick note that shows how you can bind an eumeration type value in your MVC model to radio button using RadioButtonFor extension method. In this sample, I have a property EventType in my mod...

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Localization Of MVC Site

While developing my prototype site Universal Shopping Mall the implementation will not be complete without implementing globalization or localization of MVC web site. In this post I wi...

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How To Implement Basic Authentication For MVC WebApi Application

Recently I started working on a MVC WebApi project. We decided to use Basic Authentication as our authentication mechanism between client and server. Yes, I am aware of the fact that Basic Aut...

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How to format and parse numbers based on user language using jQuery

In previous post MVC Custom model binder to parse custom text formats I discussed implementation of a custom model binder to solve the problem of globalized numbers in text boxes and how ...

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