Use of wild card definition in Bootstrap style sheet

This morning I was working on refining presentation of my web application for final release to public. As part of process I am introducing standard libraries like jQuery, Bootstrap, jQuery UI etc. in ...

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What are standard named colors used in CSS stylesheet?

What are standard named colors used in style sheet CSS files?

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How to draw an ellipse with CSS using box-radius?

Discussion on how to draw an ellipse on web page using box-radius CSS style.

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How to create flashing text on web page using CSS

I have been designing and developing web applications and mobile applications that require the users to take actions in a fixed period of time. An auction type of application is a perfect example wher...

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How to center an element in web page using CSS

Every now and then I run into the following question from web page development community. How do you center a div or some HTML element inside a div or parent element? A lot of people provide diffe...

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