Fix AngularJS Bootstrap Module Initialization Error

If you are new to using angularJS one of the common errors you may run into looks like below. Unhandled exception at line 3809, column 9 in http://localhost:15396/Scripts/angular.js ...

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Custom exception handling in angularJS

Exception handling is one of the key features of any development effort. It does not matter what language or platform you are using on client side or server side development, exception ...

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Create a ticking clock using angularJS timeout service

In the past I have worked on lot of projects that required development of different type of clocks. I will not go into details into what those different types are. In this post I will ...

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Creating angularJS grid for MVC application

Working with data input and output grids is one of most commonly executed tasks in applications. It does not matter if you are developing web application, desktop application or mobile applica...

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How to use ng-show and ng-hide directives to control visibility of HTML elements

When developing a user input form, lot of time we have to present different options to the user based on their earlier choices. This update to the user interface some time require show...

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