Set file download folder for Chrome

One of most performed action in Internet browsing is that we all download lot of music, videos, document etc. to our local hard disk for later viewing. A lot of time we view those files immediately and some time we want to do it later. If you want to view it later then you will need to know where exactly that file is stored. By default Google Chrome stores file at the following location.

C:\Users\{user name}\Downloads

This is location for Windows 7 and assuming C drive is your system drive. A lot of time I have run into situations where I have downloaded same files multiple times. Chrome and other browsers do a good job of renaming a file if it is going to duplicate copy of an existing one. Then you know that you really did not need this file because you already have it. But when you use multiple browsers then lot of time you have duplicate files at multiple locations. If you designate a folder on your machine where you want to keep downloaded files, then you can easily manage those files.

In Chrome you can change the default location of downloaded files as described below.

  • Click on little wrench looking icon on upper right side of the browser bar and click on Options menu item.

    chrome options
  • Now you will presented with Options screen in a new tab. Click on on Under the Hood option in left navigation bar.

  • In Options - Under the Hood screen, in right view there is a section for Downloads as shown below. In this section you can change the default location. You will notice a check box that allows you to set the option so that browser will always ask for location where file should be saved.

You will find similar options in other browsers as well. This way you can consolidate downloaded files at one location.




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