Ajax AutoComplete Control Not Working

While implementing integrating ASP.Net Ajax AutoComplete control on a site's search text box, I ran into an issue. While I was typing inside the text box, no request was getting sent to my web service to get the list of previously used search terms with a given prefix that user was typing. I checked the mark up for AutoCompleteExtender on the page and all the required properties etc. There was nothing out of place. Obviously request was not making it to my web service method. That's when I called on handy dandy Fiddler. And there it was the following response from the web service request with Http Status code of 500.

Only Web services with a [ScriptService] attribute on the class definition can be called from script

Thats when I realized that I forgot to enable this attribute on my ASP.Net web service. So remember that if you are using an ASP.Net web service with Ajax toolkit controls, you have to enable ScriptService on your service.




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