How to search for netflix movies on Wii

Unfortunately answers to this question is You can not search for Netflix movies on Wii console. You are limited to getting list of movies that you have recently watched or movies under certain categories or movies in your Instant Watch Queue. So the trick to watch Netflix movies of your choice are to put in your instance queue from PC. So here are simple steps:

  • Log in to your Netflix account on PC
  • Search for movies that you want to watch
  • Add them to your Instant Watch queue
  • Since you are limited to 100 movies in queue on Wii, you may have to manipulate the list
  • Rearrange your que order so that you move all the movies in your queue to initial 100 count
  • Now you goto Wii console and bring up movies in your queue
  • Now you can watch the movie and enjoy!




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