Review Of Age Of Conan - Part 2

Some time back in one of my posts i reviewed Age Of Conan - Rise of Godslayer. Well at that time I was kind of happy that FunComm managed to fix lot of issues with game stability that they had when the game came out the first time. Well, all my impression about the game shattered when I entered North Grasslands. My experience was as painful as dentist trying to pull out the teeth without anesthesia.

The game was totally unusable in North Grassland. I could not take 5 steps without hitting major lag spikes. If it was not spikes then rendering consumed so much of resources on my machine that there were times that I was stand still for more than a minute. I just could not move my character. When I will try to kill a mob, I will hit these stand still moments. When the spike was over, I was dead. Its hard enough to fight with mobs in that area that these lag spikes just added to agony.

Well, if I can't quest in this area then I can't get faction. If I can't get faction, I can't get gear. Well, you can see where you end up with. I don't know what to tell you if its worth playing this game or not.

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