Outlook 2007 100% CPU Usage

I have been having this issue on my laptop for a long time. Every time I will start Outlook 2007, it will receive upto 98% send receive status and then stay there for 10-15 minutes and during that time it will spike CPU usage on my machine to 100%. And because of that whole machine will become unusable for that period of time. And most of the time when Outlook will start I will also get the message about Personal folder data file not being closed properly. And then it will start the check up process which some time could take upto an hour or two. I have searched around a lot. I ran into suggestions like:

    Disable all Outlook add-ons that are not used.
  • Uninstall any application that may be accessing Outlook and you don't need it.
  • Recreate Outlook profile
  • Make sure that anti-virus is not slowing down access on the folder in user profile

I looked into all these suggestions and figured that none of these applies to my machine. Only thing left for me to do was to figure out what all applications I have installed on my machine that I don't use anymore. Well, this was my lucky day. First application in Add/Remove Program view was Apple Mobile Device Support. I was like I don't use any apple devices on my machine. Then I realized that long time ago I tried to synchronize my IPod Touch with my laptop. And had iTune services installed as well. I had removed iTune services some time back. Well, I decided to remove this Apple Mobile Device Support, which is a service that is used to synchronize data between Apple devices like iPod or iPhone. Moment I hit Uninstall on this, the following warning message box poped up on me,

apple ipod iphone device support warning

Message is very loud and clear that this application definitely has something to do with Outlook files. Well, iPod or iPhone will try to synchronize Outlook calendar or mails if you will let it to. I uninstalled Apple Mobile Device Support from my machine and now Outlook is back to normal. So if you are running into similar issue where Outlook is using near 100% CPU, get some forensics done on your machine to what all applications have handles open on Outlook files or applications. And if you are not using those applications, remove them. Hope this information helps.




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