Whats new in Visual Studio - Empty MVC Website Template

Microsoft has introduced a new MVC web application template called Basic. This is not new. This is what used to be Empty. But previous Empty template was not truly empty. It used to add some default files, folders etc. So it was not truly empty. But now VS2012 has made Empty template a real empty. Following screen shot shows what is included in Empty template.

As you can see that there are no scripts, content files etc. So it is all left upto you to include the required files and components of the web site.

App_Start folder

You will notice few files under App_Start folder now. These files contain the implementation that used to be included in Global.asax.cs file. Now Application_Start implementation has been reduced to following lines of code.

protected void Application_Start()


FilterConfig and RouteConfig files in App_Start folder contain the implementation of registering routes and filters for the application. I think this was a nice change that Global.asax.cs did not need to be sprinkled with all the code and refactoring was required.

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