Developing .Net Core Blogging Framework

For more than 10 years I have been using Blog framework BlogEngine.Net for hosting this blog. During this period I made a lot of modifications to this framework to adapt to lates SEO requirements as well as improving its functionality. I shared my modifications with other developers over this period of time.

Lately I have been looking to migrate to a .Net Core based framework. There was attempt to develop .Net Core based framework by some development team. I did not see it making much of progress. As part of another project I came across nopCommerce e-commerce framework. After reviewing its source code, I found that it does have basic framework to add Blog Posts. It also has Poll feature that I developed in BlogEngine.Net. Source code for nopCommerce is done very well and follows best practices for a robust .Net Core based solutions.

I was not looking for a heavy eCommerce solution. There are some limitations of the design that did not fit very well into my requirements. nopCommerce uses concept of Store for hosting multiple eCommerce stores. It uses Customer as its base for creating user accounts. In my view this is a drawback of the framework. Customer should be a role. You can experience this drawback when you see that framework creates Customer accounts for background tasks, service accounts etc. It should not be that way.

I decided to use nopCommerce source code as the base for a new Blog framework. I did not use the whole source code for it. I had to remove all the implementation specific to an eCommerce platform. Instead of trying to figure out what to remove, I decided to start from scratch and bring in the code that was sufficient for a CMS implementation. Along the way I made some design changes. I have changed the concept of Customer to User and Store to Portal. For the Blog part of the implementation, I had to combine the implementation of BlogEngine.Net and nopCommerce to make it a true Blog framework. I also switched to use of Typescript for client side implementation.

Finally I managed to have basic functionality working as needed. I hosted my first Blog on this new framework as World of Hobby Craft. There are ways to go before I can say that it is finished. But it is a good start. Thanks to nopCommerce, I found starting framework that made this journey little easy. I will be developing some Plugins and Widgets over period of time. These will be developed as per nopCommerce guidelines. I will share them with the community.




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