Missing Page From New Employee Orientation - Learning to operate coffee machine

Yesterday I started new job with a big company. I went through full day of orientation and training. After it was all said and done, I was in my new office. Oh yeah, for a change I actually got an office of my own now. Anyways, I wanted to grab a cup of tea. So I am looking around for kitchen or something. Finally I find it. There it was a coffee machine. Well, this coffee machine was a make and model that I had not used in my previous jobs. Its late in the day and almost everybody has left. There I am standing in front of this coffee machine trying to figure out how to make me a cup of tea or coffee. After playing with gazillion buttons on it, I could not make me a cup of coffee. I was like, I spent whole day in orientation and nobody showed me how to use this machine. Since coffee or tea is something that most of us start our day with, I think all employers should include part of the orientation program "How to use coffee machine in the kitchen?". What do you think?




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