Class does not implement methodSignatureForSelector error in Swift

Today I was trying to implement some array manipulation in Swift to find elements with unique property value in an object. Here is the code I was trying to execute. let values = NSArray(arra...

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Using Kontakt SDK for iBeacons with Swift

Recently I started using iBeacon/Eddytstone devices to add some location based feature in mobile application for a store. I am using beacons from I am not endorsing that this hardware a...

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Process Launch Failed Security Error On iPhone/iPad

Following is a very common error that lot of iOS developers run into when they try to launch their applications on iPhone/iPad through XCode. There are few reasons that lead to this error. ...

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Convert JSON to Custom Objects using SWIFT

In previous post I showed some sample code showing how to execute a GET HTTP request to get weather information from OpenWeatherMap API. Once you have successfully executed a GET request and obtai...

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Implement Location Services Using SWIFT

In previous posts I talked about How to write SWIFT code to make HTTP GET request and How to implement NSURLSession delegate using SWIFT. On these simple concepts I started developing a prototype ...

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