Why AngularJS is not working in IE

Every now and then I see somebody asking this question in AngularJS news groups or forums. Why is AngularJS not working in IE but it is working fine in Chrome, FF and other browsers? There is nothing...

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Template for directive must have exactly one root element

While developing custom directives that provide their own template and use replace attribute to replace the directive element with your own template, you may run into following compile er...

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Custom angularJS directive with isolated scope and custom template

Some time back I wrote a custom ASP.Net control that was used to display current server time and a user's connection latency with server. When I migrated the application to AngularJS, ...

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Using QTip2 In AngularJS Application

I have been using QTip2 in all our ASP.Net MVC applications for quite some time. Recently I created a new angularJS directive to integrate use of QTip2 in all our angularJS applications. In th...

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Reusable custom angularJS directive to display error or success

In my earlier following posts I have talked about custom exception handling and custom angularJS logger service. Custom exception handling in angularJS Custom Angular...

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