Autosuggest text box using AngularJS

Typeahead or autosuggest text boxes are one of my favorite implementations. You can do some creative things to provide some very helpful while user is entering search text in text box and ...

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Custom angularJS validator to check unique user name using $http service

In previous post Custom validator for AngularJS applications I described how to write custom validators. In this post I will show how to write a custom validator that checks validity ...

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Custom validator for AngularJS applications

It is hard to imagine any application without a form for user input. And an input form without validation of some or all user input fields is also hard to imagine. All web application developm...

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How to use ng-show and ng-hide directives to control visibility of HTML elements

When developing a user input form, lot of time we have to present different options to the user based on their earlier choices. This update to the user interface some time require show...

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Resolve make sure that the controller has a parameterless public constructor error

For my WebApi project, I ran into the following error. An error occurred when trying to create a controller of type 'TradeDataController'. Make sure that the controller has a param...

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