Entity Framework Error - The property could not be set to a 'Double' value

While working on a MVC project that uses Entity Framework, I kept getting following exception thrown when I tried to query an object that has one of the properties defined as float. The 'MinimumPrice...

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HTML5 Bar chart using RGraph

Recently I implemented MVC WebApi that provides information on various activities in stock exchange. Few days ago I added a trading dashboard to this site. The first addition to this was Divid...

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Debugging Mobile MVC and ASP.Net applications with emulator

In my earlier post Display Google Mobile AdUnit, I discussed conversion Google's ASP/VBScript code sample to ASP.Net. Since lost of code was dependent on header values present in reque...

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Display Google Mobile AdUnit in Asp.Net

Download Google Ad User Control This is age of mobile devices. All major advertisers and social web sites are figuring out how to make money from ever increasing use of mobile de...

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How to use rich text editor in MVC application

In this post I will discuss how to use a rich text editor in MVC application. In classic ASP.Net application we had lot of server controls that wrapped open source WYSIWYG javascript controls....

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