Google+ Email and Phone Notifications

As Google+ user base is growing, your Circle population is growing as well. You have more and more friends and family joining Google+ and you may have noticed that you email inbox is becoming active w...

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HTML5 - Table border and cellpadding with CSS

These days I am working very heavily on conversion of existing web applications to use new HTML5 and CSS specifications. So I installed add-on in Visual Studio 2010 to use HTML5 intellisense. Now when...

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Send Google+ Invites

It seems that Google has decided to open up Google+ invites to larger user base now. This morning I saw notifications in my inbox about friends and family adding me to their circles. Finally my stream...

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Google+ Privacy - Hide Circles

Facebook is known for bending the rules and making changes around privacy settings and exposing user's information that they really do not want to share. I thought Google+ will do a better job about i...

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Google+ Spam and Phishing Scam- Watch out

Tonight I was doing some testing with Google+ features. I saw some posts from some people about how you could use Google+ circle feature to send invites to your friends by adding their email addresses...

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