Silverlight:Error 2104 - Could not download the silverlight application, check the web server settings

For the first time I was trying to debug my silverlight application projects on Windows vista. Every time I was trying to load test page of my web application, i kept getting Error 2104, telling me th...

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Silverlight: AG_E_UNKNOWN_ERROR in Visual Studio Designer

I was working on a custom control for silverlight. I was using Visual Studio designer to layout some controls on the page. All of a sudden i started getting AG_E_UNKNOWN_ERROR in XAML pane. I could no...

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CISCO VPN Client - Error 442:Failed to enable Virtual Adapter

I have been using CISCO VPN client to connect on Windows Vista to my work for more than a year. All of a sudden I started getting following error. Error 442:Failed to enable Virtual Adapter I searched...

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How to get notified in silverlight application when size of browser changes

A lot of time we develop content for silverlight applications that depend on size of browser or host application. Silverlight framework exposes some of host application's settings through System.Windo...

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How to set attributes to autoresize width and height of silverlight control/page

When you add a new Silverlight User control (as new page) to your application, you get the following autogenerated shell for your page. <UserControl x:Class="SilverDragon.HostInfomation" xmlns=...

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