Learn Python: How to ignore SSL verification for HTTP requests

When you are testing any web apis on your local development machine, you most probably have a self signed certificate for all HTTPS requests. When you will call these apis using requests Python packag...

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How to host your web site from your home

We hear great stories from entrepreneurs saying that they started their business from basement. It makes people think how these entrepreneurs ran successful web sites from a small office in their home...

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Automate testing of web page element transition with Selenium

In web page automated testing, it is easy to test using state of an HTML element that is present on the screen. It does not matter if it is in visible state or it is in invisible state. One use case t...

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How to center an element in web page using CSS

Every now and then I run into the following question from web page development community. How do you center a div or some HTML element inside a div or parent element? A lot of people provide diffe...

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How to create flashing text on web page using CSS

I have been designing and developing web applications and mobile applications that require the users to take actions in a fixed period of time. An auction type of application is a perfect example wher...

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