How to insert HTML content in email body in Outlook

If you are creating news letter with nicely formatted HTML content and images etc. and using Outlook to send those emails to your subscribers and user, then here are simple steps that you can follow to do it on Outlook 2007.

  • Create HTML file with all the content that you want to send as email content. Here are few things that you will have to mind
    • Use inline styles.
    • Post your images on an external web site and then add links to that URL in your content
  • Start outlook client application
  • Click on File >New > Mail Message menu option or simple click on New button.

  • Click on Attach File tool bar button as shown below

  • From Insert File dialog box, browse to location where you saved your HTML file. When you click on that file, notice that Insert button in lower right corner is active now. Most important thing to note is that there is a Down Arrow next to the button that most of us do not pay attention to. Click on it and it brings up a menu with 2 options. Click on Inset as text option.

  • You will notice that your HTML file's content has been inserted as content of your email now.
  • If everything looks good, click on Send button and you are done.




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