Free Software Tool To Record Instruction Video or Video Blog Files

For a long time I have been thinking of creating some instruction videos on some software development exercises. And also when I received bug reports from my users and clients, I used to ask them to send screen captures and things like that to show the behavior of the bug. And lot of time I wished if they could send me some video clip to demonstrate the bug. Few days ago I reported a bug to Microsoft about some refresh issues in Visual Studio 2010. It was very hard to explain what I was seeing. Microsoft responded to my bug report and one items in the email caught my attention.

2.A video file about the issue ((Community clips is an easy way to record and share: )

Yes, this is a tool that Microsoft created to record video clips, Community Clips. And this is absolutely free and is still available at their site. I installed it and it worked like a charm. There is no need to pay $300 to some commercial software when the only thing you are looking to do is create some simple video. You can always use other video editing tools to edit the video clips.

Click here Download Microsoft Community Clips

If for some reason the link is down or tool has been removed from Microsoft site, let me know. I will try to make it available to you.




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