DroidX shipping date delayed further

Recently I decided to join band wagon of Android and go with latest and greatest DroidX. No, I am not a big fan of iPhone. Being a developer myself I do not like a platform that is too restrictive and hinders innovation just because some nut named Jobs does not want you to. Any how, I have been tracking DroidX reviews etc. for some time. And most importantly its demand and supply. It seems that Motorola may be having some issues in keeping up with supply. Few days ago tentative ship date for more units was set to September 6th. Then it moved to September 10th and today I noticed that it has been pushed further down to September 14th. The thing that amuses me the most is that graphic artists of Verizon are having hard time keeping up with this delay when creating delay images for their web site. The list page on the site says Will be shipped by 9/13 and when you go to details page of DroidX you will find the following line.

Due to high demand, this device will ship by 9/14





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