Database project problem with Side by side installation of VS2013 Preview with VS2012

Microsoft released Visual Studio 2013 Preview 2 days ago. I installed it on a development machine side by side with Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate edition. On VS2013 installation dialog box, I decided to install all the features that are being offered as part of the preview release. Since I heavily use SQL Server Data Tool in all my projects, I decided to install that also. Everything worked fine with new projects created in VS2013. When I tried to open as existing VS2012 project in VS2013, it complained when it tried to load a database project. The error message mentioned that project is not compatible with installed data tools. If you are running into same situation, here are some recommendations based on my personal experience.

  • If you want to evaluate VS2013 on same machine where you have VS2012 installed, do not install SQL Server Data Tools from VS2013 installer.
  • If you end up with errors after installing SQL Data Tools from VS2013, then uninstall SQL Server Data Tools. They will show up as version 12 where as one that corresponds to VS2012 are Version 11. Then re-install SQL Server Data Tool by downloading from SQL Server Data Tools - June 2013 update.
  • After re-installing data tools, you may run into permission errors when doing SQL schema compare. Go to the installer that you downloaded in step above, and repair your installation. It should fix the problem.

I will post more updated as I do some more evaluation of VS2013




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