What is best class for gathering resources in WoW?

One of the boring and time consuming part of World Of Warcraft game is farming materials for your crafting professions. Everybody has a one main character that they like to take to raids and have best possible stats. And most of best stats come from crafting professions. So if you have two crafting professions then you need others toons that will be material farmers. Then the question comes what class you should make to farm materials. Technically one class is as good as another class because you do not get any special class advantage. But there are two classes that provide a great advantage in my opinion.

Hunter and Death Knights are two classes that work out great for farming materials. Here are reasons.

  • The reason is that both classes have a permanent pet. When you are mining and picking up herbs, lot of time you will get attacked my mobs. That means you will have to deal with the mob before you can gather that resource. So if you have a pet with you, then your pet will deal with the mob while you finish gathering. And then you can help your pet to finish off that mob. So there is no time wasted. And if you are fighting with the mob, then there is good change that some other player may come and take that node from you. Not every player is decent like you.

  • Both classes have movement increase via the aura or aspect. So if you have multiple nodes close by then you can get to them quickly.

There are other classes like Warlock that have pet. But I will rather choose something that is not so squishy that if hell breaks loose with cluster of mobs that survival may be in question.

Well this just my opinion from my experience. Happy hunting.




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