Why AngularJS is not working in IE

Every now and then I see somebody asking this question in AngularJS news groups or forums.

Why is AngularJS not working in IE but it is working fine in Chrome, FF and other browsers?

There is nothing wrong with AngularJS. Here are two reason that you may be running into this problem.

  1. Least likely reason is that your IE version is not compatibility. So check Internet Explorer Compatibility in AngularJS documentation.
  2. Most likely reason is that you have compatibility mode turned on in IE. This compatibility mode puts into old IE behavior which causes compatibility issue with AngularJS. Turn off compatibility mode for your site and AngularJS will be happy. You can go to Tools > Compatibility View Settings menu options and make the change for your URL.

This compatibility mode causes problems with libraries like bootstrap as well. So now you know where to go and how to fix it.

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