Download Age Of Conan Leveling Guide

When Age Of Conan - Hyborian Adventures came out, i decided to give it a spin. Well, that adventure did not last for long. It was fun for a week or two. Leveling was fast and I was just breezing through it. Well then I get into level 60+. Then it hit the fan. Along with poor performance and ton of bugs, the game lacked content. It was no fun to do the villa quests every day to get to next level. And on top of that the game developer and designers seem to have no concept of the classes and the gear appropriate for those classes. And it did not took long for me to say good bye to the game.

During the process of fast leveling I ran into a Age Of Conan leveling guide that was sent to me by one of my friends. Tonight I was cleaning up my laptop and just found this leveling guide. I thought I will put it here for others who are still playing the game and want to level fast in Age Of Conan, they may find some use of it. From my experience, you may not be able to follow this guide step by step but it will give you some good pace.

Download Age Of Conan Leveling Guide




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