Droid Tips - How to add an application on Droid X home screen

Other day I loaned my Droid X to use GPS Navigation when travelling. After I handed over the phone, first question I got asked was How do I put application on home screen?. That was a very valid question when you are a new user of Droid X phone. Obviously you want to have quick access to important application right on the home screen of your phone.

Here is what you do if you want to add an application on home screen of Droid X.

  • Select the home screen where you want to place the application icon. Yes, there are multiple home screens you can scroll through home screens on Droid that you can scroll though.
  • Now click on the middle icon (Upward pointing arrow in a circle) which brings up all applications installed on the phone.
  • Scroll to the application that you want to put on home screen, and keep it clicked till it puts the icon on your home screen.
  • And you are done!




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