How to run linux in windows

It has been over a year since I embarked on mission of rearchitecting a trading system. New architecture comprises of components running on Windows as well as Linux. Every time I had to experiment wit...

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MacBook Logout On Hibernation

For quite some time I have been running into an issue with MacBook logging out after I was inactive for long period of time. This behaviour seems to have started after I upgraded OS to Sierra. Initial...

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Installing Thinkorswim on MacBook

If you are into world of stock and options trading with TD Ameritrade brokerage then you are familiar with their wonderful tool Thinkorswim. It is java based application so it works across all platfor...

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How to download list of stock symbols from Nasdaq

Other Day I got a question from one of the clients using our financial utility application. They wanted to know how do I get list of symbols of all stocks listed on Nasdaq. There is no rocket science ...

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Laptop Airplane Mode Not Turning On

This has been an interesting mystery for me for almost full day. I was working on my Dell Precision M6700 laptop. I undocked it, performed some updates. Docked it back on docking station. All of a sud...

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