Laptop Airplane Mode Not Turning On

This has been an interesting mystery for me for almost full day. I was working on my Dell Precision M6700 laptop. I undocked it, performed some updates. Docked it back on docking station. All of a sudden I lost wireless connectivity. There was icon in tray that Airplane Mode is turned on. I thought I may have accidently changed the settings in Windows 10. I tried everything I could, but Airplane mode will not turn off. Well, before you go down the path of checking wireless driver or any windows settings etc. check if you have accidently turned off some wireless hardware itself. This could mean different things depending on make and model of your laptop. In some laptops it could be a hardware switch and in some it could be some key combination. In my case, there is a button on side of body that I manage to slide to turn off wireless on my laptop. If you are not sure where this switch is or what is key combination, check with your vendor's support.

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