Improved Face Id in iPhone XS Max

I got my iPhone XS Max shipped to me on September 21. As expected, size matters and shows. It feels good as well. During keynote presentation, Apple touted about A12 Bionic chip and Improved algorithms. After I had Face Id set up on new phone, I could feel the difference between my iPhoneX and iPhone XS Max. On IPhone X, every time Face Id will trigger, I could see little progress animation kind of view and then it will recognize my face. Even though it was a split second progress, it was visible. When I started using Face Id on iPhone XS Max, first I thought Face Id is not set up. Face recognition was so fast that phone will open instantly. I checked the settings and did se that face id is set up correctly. All I can say is that there is big improvement in Face Id implementation in iPhone XS series.

Go Apple!

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