How to share photos using Facebook SDK in iOS application

If you are developing an iOS application that involves photos, you are definitely going to want to have feature that allows your users to share those photos on social platforms like Facebook and ...

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How to send Tweets from iOS application

In my earlier post How to programmatically send SMS message in iOS, I showed some code snippet from our iOS application MapOSnap. In this post I will show code that shows how to send tweets from your ...

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How to programmatically send SMS message in iOS

Currently I am working on a photo gallery of maps application. One of the features of this application is to share these map photos via SMS text message. I managed to carve out little class that d...

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ClientParametersRequest failed error with Google Maps SDK

When starting with using Google Maps SDK for iOS, you may run into following runtime error. ClientParametersRequest failed, 0 attempts remaining (0 vs 7). Error Code=400 ...

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Create Clock Using TypeScript, RxJS and JQuery

In the past I have posted few posts that show creating clocks using javascript, jQuery and AngularJS. Now I am going to discuss how to build a clock with Typescript using JQuery, Moment and RxJS. On s...

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