Laptop Airplane Mode Not Turning On

This has been an interesting mystery for me for almost full day. I was working on my Dell Precision M6700 laptop. I undocked it, performed some updates. Docked it back on docking station. All of a sud...

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How to use Google Maps API with Typescript

In this post, I will show some sample code on how to use Google Maps API with Typescript in MVC application. I will not go into discussion and details about pre-requisite for using Google Maps API...

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Fix game sounds turned off on iPhone

Have all game and application sounds on your iPhone & iPad stopped working all of a sudden for no reason? There is nothing to panic. You don't have to call Apple support right away. There is a good ch...

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How to turn on 4K video recording on iPhone6

Have you noticed that when you get a new iPhone, all the videos you record on it are not 4K resolution. There is nothing wrong with your phone. Default setting on iPhone is to record videos at 1080p@3...

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How to use Datetime Picker With Typescript

In my earlier post, How to use FullCalendar plugin with Typescript, i showed some typescript implementation showing use of FullCalendar. If you are using a calendar in your application then you are m...

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