Installing Thinkorswim on MacBook

If you are into world of stock and options trading with TD Ameritrade brokerage then you are familiar with their wonderful tool Thinkorswim. It is java based application so it works across all platforms. When you try to install it on MacOS, your installer will be blocked because of security settings in Mac OS. You will see a message like below.

“thinkorswim installer” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. Thinkorswim on Macbook

There is nothing to be alarmed about this warning. If it was some unknown application or vendor, then yes you will have to think twice about installing this application. But it is an application distributed by TD Ameritrade. They have lot at stake. So you can trust it. Mac OS blocks the installer but does provide option to allow such application to execute on case by case basis. Following following steps to allow Thinkorswim installer to go through.

  • Goto System Preferences > Security & Privacy settings

  • Click on General tab. You will see interface as shown in screenshot below. Thinkorswim on MacBook

  • Notice at the bottom that Mac OS has already identified that it blocked Thinkorswim installer. It is giving option to Open Anyway. Click on that button and Thinkorswim will get installed on your MacBook.

In earlier versions of Mac OS there used to be a third option in security settings to relax this security setting to let any application to be installed any time. That option has been taken away for security reasons now.

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